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Travel info for photography services in Tunisia

Your guide to insider knowledge, essential details, and first-hand tips on photography shoots in Tunisia.

Traveling to Tunisia

Visas and passports

Make sure everyone that is traveling has a passport and visa (if applicable). Do check the embassy rules as they are constantly updated.

If a visa is required, obtain it from the appropriate foreign consular representative before proceeding abroad. Allow sufficient time for processing your visa application especially if you are applying by mail. Most foreign consular representatives are located in principal cities and in many instances a traveler may be required to obtain visas from the consular office in the area of his/her residence.

Visit VisaHQ for country specific information.

Major airports in Tunisia

  • Enfidha
    Hammamet International Airport
  • Monastir
    Habib Bourguiba International Airport
  • Sfax
    Thyna International Airport
  • Tozeur
    Nefta International Airport
  • Tunis
    Carthage International Airport

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